Welcome To The Midwest Premier Lacrosse League

The purpose of the MPLL is to provide the participants with the highest level of competition available in the region and to promote the sportsmanship and fraternity of the sport of lacrosse. The MPLL will be comprised of conferences located throughout the Midwest. The Midwest Premier Lacrosse League is a Non-Profit Corporation.



2015 Championship Weekend

Fishers, IN

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Divisions of Play

For 2015 MPLL will be organized into four divisions of play: U15, U13, U11 and U9.

League Make Up

Fifteen of the best youth teams in the Midwest make up the M.P.L.L.

Michigan Warriors.  Fox Valley.  HSE Fishers, Forest Hills Rangers.  Michigan Wolves.  Wallaceburg (ON) Griffins.  All Shore.  Carmel Hounds.  Detroit Turbos.  Lake Forest.  Shamrocks.  Bartlett Hawks.  Windsor Warlocks, Glen Ellyn, and  East Grand Rapids.




As a non-profit, the MPLL team fees will reflect the cost of operations.  All of the working members of the organization are volunteers.  The cost to be a member of the league will consist of the costs to 1) rent fields, 2) hire referees for the contests, 3) additional services and fees to run games (trainers, supplies, etc.) and 4) championship awards for the winners.   The per team costs will be in line for the costs you would normally incur for a season-long schedule.

Joining the League

New teams must be approved by the Board of Directors in order to join the MPLL.  The criteria for membership include the performance history of the program, the record of fair play and sportsmanship, and the ability of the program to support a travel schedule and commit to all of the MPLL events.  Teams interested in the AAA division must be invited by the league.

Application to join MPLL for 2016

The MPLL is complete for 2015.  If you are interested in joining the MPLL for 2016, please click here

Constitution and By-Laws

Click here to download a copy of the MPLL Constitution and By-Laws